Professional Consultations

Our researchers provide professional consulting and advice in the following fields:

Feed production, animal nutrition and agroecology

  • recommendations to improve cattle nutrition
  • laboratory analyses and tests (in vitro and in vivo tests) of feeds and prediction of their nutritional value
  • issues related to management and maintenance of permanent grasslands depending on the site conditions and the purpose of using permanent grasslands biomass
  • evaluation of the quality and botanical composition of permanent grasslands and recommendations for ways to improve their productional capability
  • assessment of the floristic composition and biodiversity of grasslands in specially protected areas


  • perform sampling and testing of soils
  • evaluation of soil quality indicators (physical and chemical indicators)
  • monitoring of nutritional and hygienic parameters of soil, contention of macro- and micronutrients (including risk elements), their bio mobile availability for plants
  • verifying the effect of soil additives, chemical, and organic fertilizers

Breeding and reproduction

  • solving current problems of cattle breeding and reproduction
  • genetic evaluation of growth and reproductive indicators
  • successful crossbreeding of beef breed cows with Wagyu bulls to improve meat quality

Quality of animal products

  • interpretation of the impact of nutrition on milk quality and composition in dairy cows
  • problematics of metabolism of minor components in dairy cattle and their transfer to milk
  • nutritional factors affecting meat quality

Laboratory analyses

  • basic analysis of milk composition
  • milk microbiology testing (TPC-total plate count; bacteriological examination of milk samples, e.g., Staphylococcus aureus)
  • testing quality of drinking, surface waters, groundwater, and wastewater
  • microbiological analyses of drinking and surface waters
  • determination of macro- and micronutrients (including risk elements) in soils, waters, and feeds

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