HRS4R/HR Award

On 18 December 2019, Agrovyzkum Rapotin Ltd. subscribed to the principles enshrined in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. The aim of research institution is to obtain the HR AWARD Certificate, which is awarded by the European Commission to research institutions that implement the HRS4R Strategy (The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers). The HR Excellence in Research Award is a means of public acknowledgement for research institutions which are committed to creating quality working conditions, promoting professional development and transparent procedures for recruitment of researchers.

On 4 October 2021 the company received this award.

Benefits of implementing the HRS4R for research institution and researchers

  • increases the prestige and attractiveness of the research organisations for researchers;
  • improves the quality of human resources;
  • linking to a pan-European network of research organisations;
  • enables funding for research projects from European and national research support programmes;
  • International attractivity and visibility;
  • creates more attractive conditions for career in research and development;
  • ensuring transparent recruitment and selection of new researchers;
  • values experience gained through mobility within the public and private sectors;
  • development of professional growth of researchers.

Project Outputs

  • Endorsement Letter
  • GAP Analysis
  • OTM-R checklist
  • Action Plan


Initial phase – year 2020

Questionnaire survey took place in February - April 2020
GAP Analysis (Overview, Process) completed in June 2020
OTM-R checklist completed in July 2020
Action Plan completed in September 2020
Sending documents to the European Commission 2 December 2020

Implementation phase - 2020-2023

Implementation of the Action Plan after obtaining the HR Award
Internal evaluation of the original GAP Analysis and Action Plan 2 years after the award
Revised Action Plan
Final Report of the 2023 Questionnaire Survey
External evaluation by the European Commission 3 years after the internal evaluation

Team members

Steering Committee

Bc. Jiri Balek Chief Executive Officer
Ing. Sylva Sucha Project Manager (financial)
Renata Sladkova HR Specialist

HR Award Working Group

Renata Sladkova HR Specialist
Bc. Marketa Flasarova Project Manager
Anna Novakova Technical Staff (R1) – Feed Production and Agroecology
Mgr. Blanka Zabrodska, Ph.D. Researcher (R2) – Milk Analysis
Ing. Jan Pozdisek, CSc. Senior Researcher – Team Leader of Research Group (R4) – Feed Production and Agroecology

For more information on HRS4R please contact

Bc. Marketa Flasarova
Tel.: +420 583 392 119
Mob.: +420 734 203 973
E-mail: marketa.flasarova [at]

The Award was sought within the framework of the OP RDE Project The Development of Research and Development Capacities at Agrovyzkum Rapotin Ltd. CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/18_054/0014647, whose Key Activity 1 is to set up the strategic management of a research organization in accordance with the conditions for obtaining the HR Award. The project has been in progress since 1 January 2020.